From a young age I studied in and drew my influences from renaissance art. This shifted in my adolescents towards the street art movement, which was still in its early stages in Melbourne. From these two influences I developed a strong focus and passion in the creative arts and decided to begin my higher education studies in industrial design. With the experience and the knowledge that I had gained I could take my studies down another avenue into interactive digital media.

The design practice allowed me to use my skill base to revisit my creative roots and allowed me to endeavor into an opportunity with a couple of colleagues. We found a vacant space and began a studio which has now blossomed into a collective of 17 residents. In the studio I have been introduced to many new influences in art and design.

Over the years my style has evolved considerably but never before have I been exposed to so many diverse mediums. I have been able to experiment and collaborate in projects that have included digital and hand screen printing for the purpose of prints and apparel, graphic design, illustration, painting and aerosol art. I have gained so many more creative tools to assist me on my path and will always be striving to add more to my arsenal.